Is There Such A Thing As Work-Life Balance?

Many have always been a believer in work-life balance. However, there was an article challenging the way it is called. It says there is no such thing as a balance of work and life. Well, there really is no clear line especially in this time and age when one can say “work” is perfectly balanced with “personal life”. Work and personal life have become intertwined in the most complex and flexible manner that it is impossible to have it in true balance.

The term introduced to replace it is called work-life fit. It simply means creating a unique system where you can fit both work and life with all its ever-changing realities. The key to doing this is learning to adjust or restart your work-life fit daily especially at major crossroads in life. It will also help if you create or find the best way to systematize, both at work and your personal life.

At work, find out the best system that can save you time and resources without having to sacrifice the quality of your output. Automate things, hire an assistant, eliminate processes that don’t contribute to productivity, just to name a few. You will be surprised at how things can be done fast and efficient which gives you more time to do what you’ve planned for your personal life.

The same is true in your personal life. Creating a system or way of doing things especially those that are routinely done can create more time to fit in that which you really want to do. Go learn that new skill, start a new hobby, travel the world and so much more. Stop believing that work-life balance can be achieved. It’s time to live out the work-life fit. Do you have that system in place at work? How about in your personal life? Get those systems in place and start living that work-life fit now.

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