What Is Your Deepest WHY?

There was a video on why people should try waking up early. The video goes to show how great thinkers, CEO’s and prominent people have learned to adapt the habit of waking up early and how it has been crucial in making their day more productive as compared to those who choose to wake up a lot later. While each of us is given the same 86,400 seconds each day, we vary as to what, where and how we spend that amount of time.

It is more than just waking up earlier. It is crucial to know exactly where you want to invest that amount of time in your day. One can be up early and spend the rest of the day musing, wandering endlessly what he really wants to do or where he wanted to go. In contrast to one who has decided to wake up early and has determined exactly where his time will be invested. The difference in belief lies in answering the “why” of having to wake up early.

What is your deepest why? Why are you getting out of bed that early each morning? Why are you developing yourself? Why are you out to discover better opportunities? Why are you channelling your energy to what truly matters to you?

When you get to answer these questions, you won’t have trouble waking up earlier than most people do. Waking up early becomes a natural response to your deepest why’s and you know exactly what, where and how to spend the 86,400 seconds given to you, which by the way is replenished with another 86,400 seconds the following day and for the rest of your life here on earth.

Get your deepest why in place, channel your mind, heart, soul, strength and use your time to what truly matters to you.

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