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Connecting with the right audience is one of the most important factors in the success of your business. Knowing where and how to reach them properly will help you focus your strategies to connect with them better resulting in improvement in the overall quality of communication, sales, and brand love.

It can be a constant challenge to weave through the abundance of available platforms to find your intended market because it involves insight and agility. But once you pinpoint the right channels and nurture this relationship, the return is tenfold. Even more.

What’s a surefire way to get their attention? Here at Zibe we have a quick guide to help you find your audience and develop strong and genuine relationships with them.

  • Position yourself right

    Getting to know your audience will give you an idea of the kind of brand you should be. Branding plays an important role in positioning yourself in your industry properly. This speaks about your values, your persona, and tells your story. Creating a compelling brand narrative will make you relatable and real. Just make sure you apply your identity to all design and communication touchpoints to ensure a cohesive and strong brand presence.

  • Speak their language

    You should know that your audience is ever-evolving, especially in the advent of digital, so you should keep up. Also, now more than ever, your brand must feel human. People must relate to you like how they relate to friends. Leverage on their behavior and traits — understand how they talk, their interests, and what’s in. It’s important that you become more personable, relatable, transparent, and fun to really get that connection with your target market. Develop a consistent brand voice to support your persona and make communicating more genuine.

  • Use the power of social media

    Everyone is on social media, and so should you. It is important to show up where your audience is and establish your presence there. Consider Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels the most agile communication platforms – meaning instant communication is possible! Use this to create conversations and gather feedback to help improve your marketing strategies and firm up key communication points. It’s also important to explore content formats to make your posts interesting and fun!

  • Provide value-adding “free” information

    Always be generous. People love free stuff and no one can refuse them. By being generous with information and making them appreciate the value of what you do, your audience is more likely to buy-in. No one wants to be sold on to something because they want to feel that they make the decisions themselves. Empower them with information and hope they make an educated decision to choose your product or service. ?Information and execution must come hand-in-hand. Make sure you’re on point with the delivery to make big impressions at first glance — make visually appealing ads and thought-provoking copy to nail down their attention.

  • Make gift-giving a thing

    Another great way for your customers to develop brand love is to try your products first hand — so make sure it’s an experience! Investing in great packaging speaks a lot about the thought and intent you place on your business and market. It’s the simple things that make people feel special. Make sure you don’t overlook these details.

Ready to connect with the right people the right way? You got this. With this list, you now have tricks up your sleeve to jumpstart your brand awareness. But if you need expert advice paired with creative executions, feel free to reach out to us! We’re more than glad to help! Check out our portfolio for some of our projects.

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