A Primer on Rebranding

So you’ve got yourself an established company. Business is doing good, you have a stable client base, and you’re meeting the annual quotas. Customers are happy, employees are happy, everyone is happy. All is well within the walls of your enterprise.

But you may feel as though you’ve gone stagnant. Stale. Getting left behind in the upward march against your competitors. You may have noticed that your company is looking… dated. Maybe you’re not as relevant as you thought, and despite the calculated success, your brand doesn’t resonate with the public anymore.

You know you need a boost of energy for your business. A shot of vitamin C for your brand, if you will, because it’s not enough to make those sales. Your business should always rise above and have a compelling story that will resonate with the people. Your brand should inspire and encourage, and touch base with your market in a way that goes beyond supply and demand.

To help with the mission in becoming That Great Brand™, here are five reasons why companies should consider rebranding:

  1. You want to reignite your brand and give it a fresh look.
    Probably the most popular reason behind rebrands—you want to look fresh. The public’s taste for evocative visuals change, so how do you make your brand identity unwaveringly great?
  2. You want to stay ahead by retelling your company heritage.
    Remember the saying, “Never forget where you came from?” In this instance, brand credibility can skyrocket when you underscore your company’s heritage.
  3. You want to claim leadership to retain existing customers and attract new ones.
    Rebranding can also further strengthen your already-solid positioning. It’s never a bad idea to clinch your spot on the top by reinforcing your company’s winning attributes.
  4. You want to reposition your brand and create consistency.
    Repositioning your brand often stems from a misalignment in your business’ priorities. The public perception of your brand might not have been what you thought it’d be. Or you’ve experienced such a quick growth that you’ve overlooked the fact that your branding doesn’t reflect your business anymore. Don’t worry, your ship hasn’t sunken yet.
  5. You want to bring clarity and re-energize the future of your company.
    Your brand has to reflect the quality of the product or service you provide, and your exceptional business must be matched with exceptional branding.

Breathing new life to your brand isn’t just about designing a swanky, newsworthy logo. You need to figure out why you want to rebrand, and how that will impact your business.

It’s about finding the sweet spot between being relatable to your ever-evolving consumers while remaining authentic as a company.

But you should know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for rebranding. Every business is different, even if you’re selling the same things as the brand next to yours. You can’t copy a template and paste it onto your brand and expect it to magically solve everything. Even when your purpose for rebranding is clear, the Devil is in the details. It always has been. You need to pay close attention to what you need to change, why you need to change it, and find out how you’re going to execute the change in the best way possible. It’s a slow process, but we can guarantee that it’s worth it.

Humanizing and adding dynamism to your brand to keep it ever-present can be daunting, but it can be done.

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