At Your Request

Providing premium solutions on a seamless platform




How can we create a website for a cleaning service that reflects its premium position on the market and gives its clients a streamlined user experience?

At Your Request is a premium New Zealand-based cleaning service that uses innovative technology to thoroughly clean and maintain residential and commercial areas.

“Creating a narrative to supplement high-quality services “

Our task was to develop At Your Request’s website and present all of the company’s information without overwhelming prospective clients and reflects their premium identity. Apart from telling their story, we had to describe their services comprehensively, list their FAQs that effectively answered common questions, and incorporate business information such as franchising.

The Solution

To give prospective clients a user-friendly experience and reflect the brand’s premium identity, we used a minimalist approach for the website design. We focused on creating an uncluttered platform, then supported it with segregated content. The website is straightforward, linearly presenting information as the user scrolls down. Each service is listed clearly, giving the reader an in-depth explanation of how it works. Tying it all together are smooth transitions and clean images, to create a dynamic user experience.


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