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How can we draw inspiration from K&H’s artistry and sophistication in design and reflect them genuinely to the brand’s identity and online presence?

“Cultivating a refined brand experience that matches its artisanal creations”

Kenny & Harlow is the luxury bridal wear range of Megan Kenny. The New Zealand-based brand heavily reflects Megan’s creativity and passion for meticulously crafted pieces and offers exquisite collections of bespoke gowns and accessories for brides from all parts of the world.

Our task was to create a refined brand identity for Kenny & Harlow that presented the craft and passion embedded in its beautiful creations. We kept in mind there should be two focuses: the artistry in every piece and emphasizing the bridal experience.

The logo is a namesake of what inspired the brand’s inception: Megan’s family name (Kenny) and granddaughter (Harlow).

The combination of refined lines with a variety of weight strokes speaks of the brand’s ingenuity in designing gowns of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Ranging from classic to contemporary, K&H’s dresses ultimately become personal and meaningful mementos in the lives of the brides.

When it comes to photography, use tight shots to visually capture the details of the dresses and movement of the fabric. This will show the harmonious interaction between bride and dress, and give focus on the way the fabric accentuates the body.

Icons with thin strokes reinforce the refined nature of the brand.

The website shows a clean interface that takes from its minimalist branding and highlights its array of visually striking gowns and accessories. The user experience was significantly considered in the creation of the site to ensure that Megan’s creations take the forefront, and invite its users to see more of what makes the brand so great.

The Solution

We accompanied Kenny & Harlow’s natural elegance with a well-defined and polished brand experience that consisted of minimalist elements. By taking the “less is more” route, we pulled focus on what matters—the artistry in Megan Kenny’s creations and everything associated with it: creativity, passion, romanticism, and modernity.


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