Ocean’s Concrete

Stand out from the overcast of the industry





How can we make a new brand stand out in the midst of a competitive but monotonous industry?

Ocean Concrete is a premium concrete provider focused on residential construction. They provide quality service by integrating the best technology to meet all the requirements of their customers and provide them with ease and convenience in the project process.

Concrete in construction is a very straightforward and mundane industry for a fun and vibrant branding project. The client challenged us to take inspiration from the overcast of the current landscape and reimagine a brand that can integrate the most essential facets of the industry with a compelling narrative — to introduce an exciting but professional identity to the NZ market.

We took inspiration from the common elements significant to both water and cement. The logo mark needed to portray a constant but continuous flow.

The wave is the main element which is a symbol of movement and change. Just as the tide brings in fresh water, a wave in logo design represents an influx of fresh ideas and modern integrations. It can also symbolize wet concrete being mixed, setting up the foundation for the most powerful structures.

The Solution

By developing a creative new brand that contrasts but at the same time seamlessly balances the monotonous nature of the industry, we allowed Ocean Concrete to position itself as a fresh new player that adds a new and innovative approach to concrete and construction services.


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