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Motion Graphics


How can we maximise the content of the website to communicate Workvue’s business solution platform to field management businesses that is easy to understand?

Workvue is an advanced business operating system that allows field service businesses to manage their operations seamlessly. The platform is designed to provide access to real-time information about your business, track your team’s progress, and interact with your customers and employees anytime, anywhere. WorkVue’s comprehensive field service solution helps you stay on top of your business and grow.

Developing content for a website of a highly technical product can be challenging since customers or clients are not always familiar with the language. Content creation is key to ensure we explain the features and benefits without being too intimidating.

The Solution

We created content through a medium that is proven to be the most conducive to learning in a digital landscape. We produced an explainer video that made technical information more engaging and easier to comprehend.

Although the goal is a technical explanation of the product, the script was developed in a storytelling approach. Viewers digested the content better and understood each feature without being overwhelmed. Highlighting the benefits also built the connection between the video and viewer, since this directly relates to their businesses or concerns. This peaked their interest in Workvue even more.

Play Video

The creative direction of the project is to make the design style colorful and fun. Following the branding of Workvue, we explored the boundaries of the guardrails to create an iteration that is playful but still professional. This was a good contrast to balance the hard information on the script.

This combination of approachable scriptwriting and playful visuals created a strong communication material that captured and retained the attention of the audience. The flexibility of this explainer video allowed Workvue to use this not only for the website but also in client presentations and digital marketing.


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